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Zalermo 360 has been developed to give businesses the complete package of solutions to meet their exact needs. Our comprehensive suite of solutions ensures that organizations have the perfect technology and tools to achieve successful outcomes. We provide our global customers with a vast range of services such as company formations, marketing and SEA advertising, and SEO optimization to enhance business results and gain an influx of new customers. We offer premium hardware that is sourced based on quality, performance, and price. suited to both the general public and the business industry, including a server-based range specifically for high-performance solutions. Our first goal is Hardware products of high quality available and suitable for everyone, then we have business solutions and the 360 range around the beginning of entrepreneurship or expansion of existing companies or restructuring.

Our Services

Company Formation

We offer a comprehensive setup package for your company, including the registration paperwork and procedures required to register your company with the government. Upon completion, you will receive your official documents, including the Certificate of Incorporation, and a direct login for managing your company on the government website. Additionally, the first year includes a free registered office address, if needed. Should you have any additional requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our utmost to facilitate your needs.



ICT Hardware

We offer an array of hardware solutions including Intel and AMD CPU's, motherboards, RAM modules, M.2 storage and a variety of GPU cards – all of which have been rigorously graded and selected for the best performance, at the best prices. Specifically for businesses, we have a special selection of products to choose from, including camera security, routers and switches (some with POE functionality), fiber optic modules, GPONs, servers and server racks for universal modules, long-range wifi antennas up to 250 KM+, door access systems (manageable onsite or from a distance) and cameras equipped with two-way audio. All of these systems are interconnected and accessible from one central point, giving you the capability to log into the building, revoke access if desired, or grant access from the camera with two-way audio.


Cloud Products

Hosting & Servers

For business owners and the gaming industry, our web-hosting, Linux and Windows servers in the cloud are the perfect solution. Our features guarantee you a secure and reliable experience while allowing you to customize your setup to perfectly fit your requirements. With access via SSH and RDP, our cloud solutions allow you the flexibility to create the perfect online platform for your business or gaming experience.


Marketing SEA

Get More Clients

The importance of Search Engine Advertising (SEA) in marketing today cannot be understated. SEA has become one of the most powerful tools for digital marketers looking to maximize their budgets and optimize the visibility of their brands. It allows advertisers to reach their target audience in a cost-effective, efficient and highly targeted manner. As such, SEA is a core component of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.The primary advantage that SEA offers is its ability to reach an audience quickly and effectively. Through the use of keywords and phrases, advertisers can target which search engine users will see their ad. They can also define which areas of search engine results pages (SERP) to have their ads appear. SEA is an invaluable tool for any digital marketer looking to make the most of their budget and optimize the visibility of their brand. It offers an efficient, cost-effective way of reaching the right audience in a highly targeted manner.


Marketing SEA

Online Marketing

We take care of everything regarding your advertisements, the only thing you need to do is to agree or adjust the content we create when we set up the campaigns and when you are satisfied and agree with the campaign we go live within 1 hour. You also benefit from the fact that we work with a fixed fee on a monthly base, so asking questions or doing adjustments doesn't cost you nothing more.


About Us

IGSI Europe Ltd.

Elevate Your Business with IGSI Europe Ltd: Your Complete Solution Provider

At IGSI Europe Ltd, we understand the diverse needs of businesses, which is why we've crafted a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to cater to your exact requirements. With a focus on delivering unparalleled technology and tools, our brand Zalermo 360 empowers organizations to achieve unparalleled success.

Tailored Solutions:
Experience the power of tailored solutions designed to meet your unique business needs. Whether you're a startup looking to establish your presence or a seasoned enterprise seeking to expand, our range of services covers everything from company formations to marketing and SEA advertising, and SEO optimization. With Zalermo 360 by IGSI Europe Ltd by your side, you can unlock the full potential of your business and attract a steady stream of new customers.

Premium Hardware:
Discover top-of-the-line hardware solutions meticulously sourced for quality, performance, and affordability. From hardware suited for everyday consumers to enterprise-grade servers designed for high-performance computing, Zalermo 360 offers a diverse range of products to cater to every need. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive nothing but the best, empowering you to stay ahead of the competition and drive lasting success.

360-Degree Support:
Embark on your entrepreneurial journey or take your existing company to new heights with Zalermo 360's comprehensive support. Our 360-degree approach encompasses everything from hardware solutions to business services, providing you with the tools and expertise needed to thrive in today's competitive landscape. Whether you're starting from scratch or undergoing a strategic restructuring, IGSI Europe Ltd is here to guide you every step of the way.

Experience the Zalermo 360 Advantage:
Join the ranks of countless businesses worldwide who have experienced the Zalermo 360 advantage. With our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we're dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals and beyond. Partner with IGSI Europe Ltd and Zalermo 360 today and unlock a world of possibilities for your business.

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